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Pinnacle Road is a national clean energy finance provider. We offer tailored financial products to clients Australia wide through our vendor-partner network. Pinnacle Road has access to the market’s premium energy lenders, this allows us the flexibility to provide finance for a wide variety of clients. Our lending terms range from 2-10 years for qualifying applicants. Any asset with an energy function can be financed through Pinnacle Road.


We will consider any loan amount over $5,000 for qualifying clean energy assets which include, but are not limited to

  • Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) systems
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Building management systems
  • Battery storage
  • Metering and metering infrastructure
  • Solar Farms
  • Gas projects
  • Wind developments

As an accredited Pinnacle Road Vender you will have access to:

• Market leading pricing
• Market leading Low Doc policy
• Full lender panel
• Co-branded application forms
• Professional service from our dedicated energy team

We don’t require financials for clients who meet the below criteria

Loan Amount


$5,000 – $75,000 ex GST
  • Minimum 2 years ABN registration and GST.
  • Director to own any form of property
  • Clear Credit File
$75,001 – $150,000 ex GST
  • Minimum 5 years ABN registration and GST.
  • Director to own any form of property
  • Clear Credit File

Commercial Rental Agreement

Our core product, a clean energy rental allows the client to rent the equipment from the financier for a 0% up-front payment and claim 100% of the money payments as a tax deduction.

Benefits of Renting

  • 0% deposit required.
  • Fixed monthly payments.
  • Claim 100% of your monthly payments.
  • Unsecured loan.
  • Assist with monthly cash flow

Finance Lease

Benefits of a Finance Lease

  • Fixed residual
  • Claim your monthly payments

Chattel Mortgage

 A Chattel Mortgage is beneficial for clients who want to include their clean energy assets on their balance sheet and own the asset.

 Benefits of a Chattel Mortgage

  • 0% deposit required.
  • Claim back GST component.
  • Annual asset depreciation.
  • Instant tax write off up to $30,000

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